Saturday, April 17, 2021

Splittinga Sounds Records


Splittinga Sounds Records is small independent record net-label releasing underground electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, shoegaze, noise and other unusual music to the public. Our goal is to promote interesting underground projects/artists in DIY manner. Our formats are on MP3 files (protected with Creative Commons License and available for free download).

Important - All our downloads are free. We dont sell albums, cause we are non profit label. Every album on our bandcamp page has a mirror link in description, just in case our quota for free downloads on bandcamp is full. Any donated money from downloaded albums will be used for improving our label and promoting our artists.

Maybe you'll not like what Splitting Sounds Records produces. We're not for everyone.

We can guarantee one thing: What you hear is music brought to you by people who care more about it than about becoming rich.

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Dichotomy Engine


Dichotomy Engine is led by Drazen Djordjevic from Novi Sad, Serbia. At the end of 2007 influenced by the sound of many ambient musicians and bands, Drazen starts to creates sound of Dichotomy Engine. DE creates music which has variously been described as dronegaze or noisegaze. Combining the atmospheric textures and elements of experimental and drone music often with the heaviness and volume of metal and noise music.

Dichotomy Engine’s sound is evolving constantly, always working and exploring many ways to record and play with different ideas. Since 2007. Dichotomy Engine has released 4 albums, 2 ep's, 3 collaboration albums and participated on more than 15 worldwide compilations so far. One of main goals is performing live, and many of them include smashing instruments while doing live shows.

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Cannibal God band


Cannibal God is a duo-musical project born in 2020 from the mind of Alessandro (Shit Fucking Shit) and Walter (Wally Jesus, Equation Error). It started as a grindcore act sooner developing into a more different experimental sound, blending tribal ritualism with extreme psychedelic metal sound. The monicker is strictly connected to the concept of the band itself, which concentrates on heightening the inner self in a higher dimension without boundaries, in order to achieve more conscience of existence. CG doesn't have any lyrics, as we try to focus on reproducing the unknown in music: tribal drums to evoke, psychedelic riffs to connect.

Alessandro comes from an extreme metal drumming background, mainly playing for grind acts like Shit Fucking Shit (2006 \ 2021) and 2 Minuta Dreka (2015 \ 2017) and recording for different bands during his musical life. With CG, he started introducing congas, bongos and different kind of southern instruments due to his interest in the connection that exists with the heart of earth (nature creation) and the heart of a mother, the first thing a human existence hears. 

WD plays mainly guitar in CG and is the other half of the ritual. He plays also bass guitar and drums. He uses an 8-stringed guitar, standard F# tuned to procreate heavy sound metal riffs and different Echo effects for ambient layouts to connect psychedelic spirit to knowledge. His background takes roots in 70s progressive rock, shoegaze, indie rock and 2000s djent metal. 

The band is working on brand new stuff, throughout COVID restrictions.

The logo is made by the big artist behind Gruesome Graphx, who worked for different great artists such as Cianide, Acid Witch, Cattle Decapitation, etc.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Just War band


Just Wär bio

Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, the band wasn´t formedso much as it developed from previous hardcore-punk actDemarche in late 2013after replacing the last foundingmemberThe new incarnation with members of such bands as Climax and Spreading Dread decided to play less confinedstyle, carving their grooves on firm hardcore-punk bedrockand adding layers of different genres on it, such as classicMotörhead rock´n´rollreasonable heavy-metal licks and evena bit of reggae (just to confuse the audience)They started to write new songs pretty quickly, and chose the band´s namemere a week before the first gig. The band gigged concertedlysincesupporting and sharing stage with acts such as TotalChaos, Virus, AcidesCasualtiesVarukersMau Maus and many more. They played mostly in their homeland, but alsocruised Evrope on several forays to such countries as neighbouring Slovakia, Poland HungariaAustriaSloveniaSwitzerlandItalia, one ill-fated trip to UK, and mostly to Germanywhere they met with quite well response. 

Record-wise the band first created couple of demo songs, and shared them on their web-sitebefore they recorded their firstvinyl offering „The Last Goodbye“ 7“, CD version containedEP and four demo songs. The three music videos were made for one song from the EP and two stand-alone songs. 

The original line-up lasted till 2017, when their vocalistdecided to leave the band due to the time restrains. He wasreplaced by singer from fellow band JonestownThis line-up lasted about one year, and released one new stand-alone song with music video. Then, in 2018, both vocalist and drummerleft the band, and were replaced by returning original singer, and a new drummer from Spreading Dread (who had served as a stand-in drummer couple of times before)making the Just Wär pedigree half hc-punk and half trash-death-metalheritage. Ten songs (both old and newwere recorded and released as „Situation Normal Still Fucked Up“ LP on Emergency Records early in 2019.  

From then on the band continued touring home and abroad, up till the point when the Covid pandemia struck the world and forced the bands worldwide to lockdown. Just Wär didn´twaste the spare timehowever, and composed some newsongsintended to be released in 2021 as split LP and a split EP.  

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Excluded band


Excluded, originally from Tultitlán, State of Mexico, was founded in 2008 by Dave and Dany. Their taste for music and the punk movement was almost immediately combined with their political activism that they developed since their high school years, deciding to form a punk band that would take to the musical field all the political and social vision that they developed after having been in different movements politicians of local and international significance. In 2009, under the Bambam Records label, his first studio album entitled “Working Class” was released. In this album, in which dirty and aggressive guitars are heard, they express their faithful class pride and the reaffirmation of the punk & movement movement. skinhead. 

Later in 2012 the “Legendary Split”, a joint production with Black & Blue (Czech Republic), hits the streets. For 2013 Antiflag invites the band to be part of a 7 "vinyl split series on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, that same year they released a new long-term musical production entitled" Take Over The City ". 

In April 2015, the band performed concerts in Central America, Guatemala and El Salvador respectively. In November of that same year, they made a South American tour, again passing through Guatamela and El Salvador, in addition to Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. In August 2019 they recorded a third album "We will Destroy Them" and in that same year they went on tour to Europe, doing 27 concerts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Belgium! 

Currently the band finished recording their fourth album "Legions of War", which will be released on vinyl in Europe under the production of Ronce Records in France, Potential Hardcore in Spain and Emergency Records in the Czech Republic, Bambam records for Mexico and Latin America. We are making preparations for his second European tour, in 2021


and at the same time, he has shared the stage with bands such as the legendary ANTI-FLAG on their visit to Mexico at Plaza Condesa, AGNOSTIC FRONT, TOTAL CHAOS, THE CASUALTIES, EVIL CONDUCT (Unity Fest Bogotá), NON SERVIUM, KAOS URBANO,, LEFTOVER CRACK , FLEMA, TWO MINUTES, ETC; in the same way, the band has been actively present in the social struggles of our country! 

For the union of the international revolutionary youth for the proletarian revolution. Health and freedom !!!

Filthy Nebula band


Hi. Filthy Nebula is his 4th project. He have 4 one man band projcet including filthy nebula. He started with Nothingness, dark ambient drone music in 2019 releashed 4 albums and 1 compilation for cvlminis, depressive ilusions records, black fish distro etc... his second project is space ambient project called three moons, releashed 1 album for cvlminis from russia and many eps and splits from bands from all around the world. His 3rd project is called Depression emprace witch is based on dark ambient sad depressive music releashed 2 albums. and finaly his last project band called filthy nebula is insane noise project music, who represens chaos pain and insane music... prepering a cd single, "annoying pain/self-desructive behavor" soon for russian cvlminas record label. This single will represents his fight against his depression and axiety problems.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Guerra de Cerdos Band


Guerra de Cerdos started  in 2013  as a trio . The band  released two LP’s   (2014 and 2019) , two videoclips , and four eps in 2015,2017,2018, and 2019 (including the "7 vinyls  "Cambiemos "  and “Pulsión de muerte” , both sold out) .  They toured several cities and provinces in argentina (Mar del plata, tandil, la rioja, la plata,berisso, burzaco,avellaneda, tigre, morón,etc), and also play a successfull tour in uruguay in 2015.

The band lyrics talk about  different topics including politics, more existencial and spiritual stuff, and other philosofical issues .

In 2020 they relaunched the band as a four piece, adding Luciano Chiappero on guitar( ex –funeral electrico – Morbo et Umbra among others).

2014 "Y te sacarán los ojos"   LP

2015 "Asalto a mano armada" EP ( Punk covers in spanish)

2016 Tributo a Todos Tus Muertos( one track tribute album of the famous punk band todos tus muertos)

2017 Cambiemos/Con la guita de tus impuestos EP( "7 vinyl sold out)

2018 Pulsión de Muerte EP (Released on "7 vinyl on may 2019)

2019 Postales del Infierno LP


Band Members :

Osky ( Bass and vocals)

Tapita ( Guitars and vocals)

Zala (Drums and vocals)

Lucho ( Guitar and vocals)

Soul Butcher band


Soul Butcher was formed in 2017 in a small depressed town called Šid in Serbia. In a desire to play old school black metal sound with the influence of raw hard core punk with a "fuck off and die" attitude and a desire to isolate from modern society.Soul Butcher is one man band for now, members are Nocturnalgoatlord (Atomski Rat).For now, the band has a single and a demo "Goat Cunt" .Another cold winter demo will be released soon at the end of the year.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Persecutory band

An impious trio decided to play morbid & malignant black thrash metal by keeping the perversion, death, chaos and satanism without compromise so Persecutory was the name of another death worship that emerged in İstanbul in 2014.

Also check out their facebook page and bandcamp profile :

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Genöme band


It all started with Andreas and Martin wanting to do something different than the bands they were currently in. Experimenting with more noise/less fuss/more fuzz/distortion and just playing around and learning from each other.

At first it was just the two of them getting together here and there, whenever they found the time. It was working surprisingly well being just bass and guitar. But it came to the point where they wouldn’t advance forward without a drummer. 

Stefan joined in for a chaotic and long session where they mostly finalized the majority of the songs and everything felt really good. They just needed someone on vocals. But Stefan had a lot to do with his other bands, and in the end for the recording of their contribution to Dis Is Malmö they received temporary help from Christoffer on drums and asked their friend Aanna to scream. 

So, with the song SCUM! finished and them being pleased with the sound. They asked if Aanna wanted to continue screaming with them and she did! On top of that they just needed to find a permanent drummer.

Jonathan joined in and they finalized the songs for a live set and after the Dis is Malmö release show they recorded the album. And that’s pretty much where they are at right now.

Also check out their facebook page and bandcamp profile   :

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I am a 32 latino male (Mexican) I formed my solo band a few days ago because I love being my own artist.My prime key goal is to be the best solo punk artist around and spread punk world wide!!!

Monday, April 27, 2020

THE great lie band

The third ep from THE GREAT LIE, recorded with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), embodies the band's raw intensity and aggressive precision. DEFYING EXTINCTION is the sound of five Long Island hardcore/metal veterans who reject the premise that punk is strictly a youth culture. 

"Memorable and energetic. Hardcore Punk at it’s best."

"Fast-paced heaven. . . a veritable riff-filled utopia of rage." Wicked Metal Review

"Fast-charging NYHC to earth-rumbling doom riffs to post-hardcore transitions and gear changes." Thrash Naked

“Pummeling old school hardcore meets punk straight from the roll in your ears with the force of tank treads.”

Gerry Giacalone- guitar

John LaFata -drums

Scott Martin- bass

Kerry Merkle- vocals

Mike Scarola- guitar/vocals

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Speedvomitt band

Speedvomitt is a hc punk band from Marburg/Germany formed in the summer of 2018.With songs about wars,drug abuse, alcoholism and all the violence and hate that come along, it's safe to say this band is anti-P.C and non apologetic about it. Hail Speed Snort Satan!

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