Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Opran Možgan band

They are Opran možgan (brainwashed). They flew out of a concrete garage in 2019.The line-up kept changing, and so did the sound. In principle, they have been using crust/hardcore punk with occasional grind elements since the beginning. The current members are Klemen Škrjanec - guitar + back vocals, Nik Jeđud - guitar + back vocals, Matic Gorjan - bass guitar, Žiga Križnar - vocals and Grega Križnar - drums. The modern capitalist apocalypse unfolding around us and within us has a special sound of pain, suffering, frustration and chaos. They try to capture these feelings and transform them into something beautiful and tangible but at the same time sincere. Confession of the real situation, not flight into a dream. They don't want to be just a band, but they are friends who together create something bigger than each individual. Some more drug addicted than others, some less present than others. Full of difference, they  strive for unity and seek beauty in chaos and destruction. The world is washed, and so is the brain in it.They are Opran Možgan (brainwashed).

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Kerabra band


Turkish One-Man Black Metal band "KERABRA" was formed in September 2020 in Turkey, Yalova. Kerabra is a fictional figure in Turkish-Yakut mythology, it's a giant dragon living in the Great Sea. Legend has it, the fear fills the hearts of those who see it. Connection with the genre is to awaken the listeners from simulation and simulacrum and let the fear of the truth into people's hearts as in mythology.

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Monday, December 5, 2022

The crucifier band


 The Crucifier was formed in February of 1995 by Hlias "Thanatoid" Kyriazis (vocals) and Giorgos Kyriazis (bass guitar) in Athens, Greece. With 3 demos (1995-'Infernal Pain' / 1996-'Totally Madness' / 1998-'Fear Is Your Mind') 2 Ep's (2001-'Innocent World' / 2004-'Escape Or Die!') and a full length album (2002-'Merciless Conviction') after several changes in the line-up, the band recorded the second full length (2006-'Cursed Cross') and 2 split 7'' (2009-'Crucifier/Hate Your Fate', 'Crucifier/Bywar') with new members from 2003-'04 and '05 except Thanatoid. 

The Crucifier have played in many live gigs until now and as a support they have played with Paul Di'Anno in 2003 and with Tankard once in 2004 in Athens and again in Larissa in 2006 and 2018 in Salonica 2009 with Municipal Waste 2010 with Onslaught 2011 with Necronmicon, 2012 with D.R.I. 2017 with Aggression 2019 with Slapshot 2017 with Cold As Life, 2019 with Pro-Pain 2016 with Havok.The band recorded the third full lenght album (2017 'Voices In My Head') and they will continue.

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Friday, December 2, 2022

U.B.T. band


U.B.T. band were formed in 2015 in a line-up without vocals, Kabo on drums, Fejer on bass, Vilim on guitar , soon Bađo comes on drums, and Kabo switches to vocals, in that line-up the band recorded a garage demo "no studio sessions" which was not released but  can be listened to on YouTube, the music is heavily influenced by Sore Throat, early Pataren, and Finnish noisy HC of the 80s, such as Kuolem and Sekund, with lyrics mainly anti-war, after a while Fejer moved away in Germany, more precisely in Leipzig, and the band continues  as a trio in today's familiar form without a bass guitar, but with a lot of overdrive, beers and weed. And then the concert activity started, the first gig was in February 17th in the old school in Marof, remembered for the brutal, muted performance and the vocalist who can barely stand on his feet, the first gig was brutal good, the later performances were good and fast, and there band rocks under Heresy/Ripcord/,  style mixed with 80's YUHC and German Fast HCom a'la SM 70, Ultra fast HC/Thrash influence, lyrics in English, Croatian and German, recording a tape at the end of the year at Jasmin's studio.In studio UBT demo that is sold out, on the 18th they entered Sertic's studio and recorded a demo that was released in Russia on Vadim Truba's lutra lutra records tape label as a split with the Russian/Finnish band Kylma Yot playing the Kaaos/Riistetyt style.

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Boneless band


BONELESS HK is a band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They make raw/d-beat crust carried with antipolitics/antireligion/nihilist lyrics, melancholic but violent noise, conformed by Amadeo Roberts in the vocals,Barco Basurero in drums,Leo Gonorrea in guitar,and Isu Rancia in the bass.

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Monday, April 18, 2022

DISM band


DISM is a band based in Malaysia. They carry a history since related with bands such as The Dirty Dogs, Psycho Sickness, Discrusher and The Bongox. Their inspiration sound into Discharge, Broken Bones, Disgust, Raw Noise, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Disclose.

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Sunday, April 3, 2022

DOXA band

The band DOXA originally formed in Koln in 2013.  In 2016 and 2021 there was a line-up change on the guitar, which caused the band to partially reorient themselves musically.  At the beginning, an own concept for punk should be defined, which received musical inspiration from bands like Tragedy, Wolfbrigade or From Ashes Rise.

 The idea arose to think about socially critical and philosophical texts in punk and HC in this way.  The most intense, but also darkest, social criticism can usually be found in the theories of old sociological classics such as Adorno, Foucault or Bourdieu.  This is how a musical concept emerged from their own personal “negation of the world” and the corresponding punk attitude.  One's own thoughts and emotions can be supplemented through the glasses of a theory, e.g. by Adorno.  The debut album "Residuen" was paired with an angry, dark and melancholic mixture.

 “Hardcore punk can still do with a message.  […] In addition, DOXA make a broad sound […]that gets energy either from melancholic but melodic guitars or from heavy breakdowns.  DOXA are dark, driving and can also be emotional without being embarrassing.”

 (Plastic Bomb)

 "...Dark and menacing, the chords pile up, besieging everyday racism, causing a 'simply feelin' good inside'.

 As the source of meaningful resistance, DOXA is evidence of a twitch in consciousness..."

 (underdog fanzine)

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Odpadki civilizacije band


                                       Band in 80’s


                                    Band back together 2021

ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE were ex Yugo hardcore punk band from Ljubljana Slovenia, but also were into the raw and harsh Early (1981), Mid Eighties (1985) Hardcore Punk of that time.  Brand members were: Primoz habic, Dare, horvat and samo, second lineup was : Zoki,dare,samo,saj,third lineup was: zoki,Rane,samo,dare,fourth lineup was: zoki,samo,Kristof,Maus.First single was Neo Pakt.Odpadki Civilizacije one live song was recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983, previously unreleased.  Odpadki civilIzacije had gig with band the  Exploited in Šentvid on 1984. The band is also on the legendary compilation Hardcore Ljubljana .The band is reunited in 2021. Now members are: Zoki - vocals, Gazo - guitar, Krištof - drums, Dare- guitar, Skabina - bass.  They have done 3 way split with bands Vox populi (Serbia) and Chikara (BiH).  Old songs came out on split with Chikara and Vox populi - the ones that were recorded in the 80s  and also they have done split with band iritator so do pls Check it  . Also soon band Odpadki Civilizacije  will have gig on 01.04.2022 in Slovenia at Klub Gromka and also they will have more new gigs soon. They will play old songs and new songs also.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Anarchus band


                                            Anarchus 1987

The history of Anarchus begins in 1987 in Mexico City with the following members:

 Pancho-Bass and screams


 Miguel Guerrero-Guitar.

 In November 1988 the band's first demo, "Total Hate", was recorded, followed in 1990 -and already with Julio Alvarez as second guitar- by the first EP: "Final Fall of the Gods" with Rigid Records U.S.A.

Both recordings get good reviews both in Mexico and in other countries and by May of that year (1990) the group makes its first mini tour outside of Mexico in Tampa, Florida to promote the EP, playing with Assuck and Paineater.

As a result of the good response received by both the demo and the E.P. from 1988 Anarchus begins to receive invitations to appear in almost all of Mexico.

In 1991 Miguel Angel Cortes "Thrasher" joined and in 1992 Jaime "El Abuelo" on drums and some time later there were also several changes in the line-up and some complications, which resulted in some instability, although the band never stopped playing and recording since then and to date.

 In 2004 the group made a very extensive and successful tour of Japan (there were 13 dates in nine cities, 4 of them in Tokyo).

In July 2017 Anarchus participates in the "Obscene Extreme Fest" in the Czech Republic, in 2018 in the "Earslaughter Fest" in Montreal, Canada and in 2019 a mini-tour is carried out along the northeast coast of the United States covering Cleveland, Maryland. , Brooklyn and Binghamton in all cases with a very good response from the people.

Other tours had been planned for 2020, but due to the current situation everything was cancelled.

Anarchus has alternated with bands like Sodom, Napalm Death, Sepultura, Dark Angel, Nocturnus, Exodus, Fear Factory, Assuck, Paineater, Sadistic Intent, Phobia, Mortician, Krabathor, Master, Nausea, Terrorizer LA, Haggus, Heinous, Blood, Nunslaughter. , Squash Bowels, Butcher ABC, Ruin, Rigor Mortis, Disgorge (USA), Rattos de Porao, Cripple Bastards and Avulsed among others.

At this moment the new album and a split with Squash Bowels from Poland are about to be released, in addition to starting work on what will be the following productions scheduled for the end of the year, among other projects. The actual line up is: Pancho-Screams, Miguel-Guitar and Abuelo-Drums.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pestarzt band


Pestarzt band had their first concert 7 years ago.  The most accurate 3.4.2015.  And the winter before that concert started with rehearsals, so maybe some December 2014 or January 2015.

 They were formed in Sombor as a 4 member band and soon they expanded into a 5 member band.

 The band at that time included Igor on vocals, Damir on bass guitar then on guitar, Danilo on bass guitar, Leon on drums and Zurke on guitar.

 They are releasing the first recording for Alternative Youth on CD 2015 (cassette release 2019 in Europe and Malaysia) as a self titled album.  Soon the same year they recorded new material and released it on a split CD with the band Kronstadt with which they had a great couple of joint concerts in Serbia and Europe.  After that, they released a split 7 "vinyl and cassette (various publishers in Europe and Mexico) with the Swedish band From Soil in 2017, which they met on tour and soon became very friendly. The last release called Pandemonium was released in 2019. On cassette medium.  for underground disco from Beočin and alternative youth, they also came across a couple of compilations (eg zapana blacio published by mind eraser from croatia)

 Musical variety is hardcore with influences in power violence and crust .... although they call themselves  a hardcore punk band ...

 Concert-wise until almost very active, in 7 years of existence they have performed over 100 concerts, mostly outside the borders of the home country.

 The rhythm of the concerts has slowed down for the last two years, but they are returning to the van at the first opportunity.  Concerts in Poland and Germany have already been booked for the summer of this year, and this year they have had one concert so far and the other they have 2.4.  Like a birthday in our city of Sombor.

 The plan is to record an LP album this year and part of the material is already ready, and they will be in the studio when they finish at least 7 songs.

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Sunday, March 20, 2022

MuD band news



MuD LINE UP 2022: 

- Mauro "AldoHC" - vocals

- Frankie - guitar

- Matte "SeccoBroz" - Bass

- Daniele LupisHELL - session drummer

It's been months of hard work "behind the scenes", in the rehearsal room and at home.

See you around soon! 🔥

They will be at DLB FESTIVAL 2022 - 29 / 30 / 31 July 2022. but from spring they will be back on track and announce new shows and more.


The great lie news


Last December, The Great Lie got together to record a follow-up to their last ep, Defying Extinction, planning to release these tracks as post-pandemic shows started back up. That time has come, and "Burners" is set to be released.

The Great Lie (with former members of Long Island's Mind Over Matter, Neglect, and Deathcycle, as well as Madball and Sheer Terror) continue to combine their hardcore/thrash/noise roots on the new ep. When In Effect Hardcore last reviewed their last release Defying Extinction, they wrote, "It's hard to say that The Great Lie sound hardcore, punk rock, or metal, and I bet from a band's standpoint, they love that fact." The Great Lie continue to build on that ethos with "Burners."

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Splittinga Sounds Records


Splittinga Sounds Records is small independent record net-label releasing underground electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, shoegaze, noise and other unusual music to the public. Our goal is to promote interesting underground projects/artists in DIY manner. Our formats are on MP3 files (protected with Creative Commons License and available for free download).

Important - All our downloads are free. We dont sell albums, cause we are non profit label. Every album on our bandcamp page has a mirror link in description, just in case our quota for free downloads on bandcamp is full. Any donated money from downloaded albums will be used for improving our label and promoting our artists.

Maybe you'll not like what Splitting Sounds Records produces. We're not for everyone.

We can guarantee one thing: What you hear is music brought to you by people who care more about it than about becoming rich.

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