Sunday, October 27, 2019

Mental Distress band - Pas beaucoup d'avenir LP review

They started Mental Distress in 2013 and the goal has always been to write political songs against all types of discriminations, while keeping the fun side of hardcore punk. Quite soon they recorded our first demo tape, started playing everywhere they could. End of 2015 they changed their bassist before recording a 7” split with their friends from Ed Warner, and an EP along the same lines. Mid 2017 is quite an important moment for the band, as their singer comes out as a trans dude, and they have the opportunity to make their first “real” european tour. Then they took a whole year to concentrate ourselves on the writing of their first LP, and to let hormones do their job on their singer’s voice. 
This LP is different than their other records. A fair amount of their texts are now in french, because it’s easier to express their feelings without having to go through the translation stage. Of course the voice changed a lot, making their music less fast but more understandable, though they still love angry music.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Talacactus band Talacactus album review

Talacactus is a hardcore punk band born in José C. Paz, province of Buenos Aires, in the year 2014. They are trying to develop a style of their own, including the punk, rock and roll styles and the fast-paced styles. The intentions are to include new sounds in the fast music that drives them. The aesthetics are permeated by the indigenous entheogens, the changes in the perception that generalize, and the persecution by the Catholic Church of the ancestral and ritual uses of these substances in Latin America.  
From our earliest beginnings they have sought to create a space in their city, for bands of the fastest musical styles, such as hardcore punk, crust, fastcore, powerviolence, crossover thrash, etc. Unfortunately it is an underground move, and due to the damage of the bolicheros there are the extreme genres, it is difficult to achieve a growth. Amidst our other efforts, they have compiled the compilation "No Trouble: 50 Fast Bands from North and West Conurbano." They also organize recitals like the Trinchera Fest, and José C. Blast, where they invite musicians from another area, and betray the exponents of the underground.From the first to the last track, this album you're going to notice a theme with this album: guitar leads. its a dirty, thrashy, hardcore-punk album that's pushing every song for all the adrenaline it's worth. And really that's all the effort this commands. Throw in some lyrics that'll leave you shitting corn, some of the most generic drumming.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Negativ band


NEGATIV is a new hardcore punk from Oslo. This band makes me feel that it will bring something exiting to the Oslo punk scene which is not just about Oslo punk scene but it is more involvements from punk scene in other countries. It’s maybe also by the vocalist Skunk’s own hard works for label and bookings, and NEGATIV is deeply involved in it as well. Thus this band makes me feel something will happen! . Once they started playing, the band immediately grabbed the entire atmosphere in the moldy underground space and delivered its manic primitive energy thoroughly. Their sound is based on 80s hardcore with weird mixture of Scandinavian hardcore punk, some Japanese flavor, light distorted guitar sound which sometimes sounded even rockin and the edge of thrash hardcore. Their groove is undulated with its manic groaning vocal but still has some sharp edge of thrash hardcore here and there. Their groove completely smashed the space and whole live space was undulated by the crowds and its sweaty moist heated air.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Nula plus band

Band ZERO PLUS (Nula plus) started to work sometime in may 2001 when the guitarist of once very popular band from Tuzla, Perryside, Demal Traki- Sicke and Saa Djoki ex Ludilo drummer joined into a project of starting a hard core band. Few months later the other people have joined them: Nermin H.- bass, vocal Mirza K. And a DJ Jesenko A. Then came years of work and search for the specific sound to be recognized by. They found a specific electro hard core sound and continued experimenting. Very soon they are off to their first BiH mini tour which made them very popular. After that one more tour, that gave them the idea to record their first material and record their five best songs. Few weeks later the band moves to Belgrade to record a maxy single of five songs in one of the best Belgrade studios. After recording, the material was sent to all radio stations in BiH and the song "Billy bad ass" became a hit on famous radio Mir.
Popularity grows bigger and they win on the biggest festival of demo bands «Moja BiH» which was organized by SFOR and radio Mir in 2005. ZERO PLUS was recognized as a band with the most energy and the band that has something new to offer. They have three videos played by every TV station in the country. They made music also for one Canadian movie and one of the videos was made by the fragments of that movie. The quality of ZERO PLUS was recognized also by the Exit fest organizers and they played there two times already. Right now ZERO PLUS is working on their new material and looking for publisher.

Almir Mulaosmanović Bagi (Ex Nečasne Sestre) – vocal
Džemal Trakić Sicke (Ex Perryside) –guitar
Jasmin Avdić Jaci (ex Elevons) –bass guitar
Ademir Bruljić (Ex Karma Guru, Bad Seasons, Holographic Human Element) – drums

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Carry The Weight band

Carry The Weight is a 5 piece melodic hardcore band based out of Helsinki, Finland. With members coming from Panama, the USA and various cities in Finland, the band’s sound is as diverse as their line up. Combining heavy riffs of hardcore with melancholy melodies and emotional screamed vocals.
​​The band was formed in Spring of 2017 and shortly after released their first stand alone single Sick Heart // Sick Head. After the release the band embarked on their first mini tour. In early 2018 the band began the recording process for their debut EP Low Points, which will available on all major streaming and digital outlets October 30th. The record was self produced then mixed and mastered by Nick Nativo (No Zodiac, Oceano).

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Distrüst band

Distrüst are a d-beat, crust and punk band that is formed in 2015 with the intention of being a different project to those existing in their lives and when they are also the first band in the country (El Salvador) touch crust and d-beat. The idea was to have fast and raw music, with some libertarian and anarchist tendencies; they met in a night to play something and then the first song with Luis “Bash” Mendez, Jorge “Gino” Ayala and Leonardo Alas.

For a couple of months they have been rehearsing original songs like “Cambia Primero” and “Anarchistas” (to mention a few). They had a lot of problems in those months because “Gino”, who would be part of the beginning of the band and who was playing the bass; They were not present at the rehearsals, delaying the process, they decided to give it a hand in order to incorporate a person who in the rock / metal scene in general is very familiar; Vitelio Melara, someone who comes to give you the power and fun of the band.In March 2016 they finally debuted in a concert by friends, “Electoral Destruction”, a show very under. After this concerto the things if it would be because they decided to grab their first EP, “Don't Believe The Progess”, loaded with 10 original themes and 2 covers; fully engulfed in a self-management manner with John de Guaro Barto Producciones.
Being a d-beat / crust band in the region will open opportunities for Split with the band Mother Earth from Guatemala, to participate in the compilation “You Bleed the Oidos 2” (D-beat V.A). In 2016 we played with the Hardcore Punk band from Texas, GLUE, a show that also helped us show their noise. Throughout this time, they traveled to Guatemala to present the inauguration of the “Corazones Incendiados” producer, they traveled to Nicaragua to share with many friends from this region.
In August 2016, for the first time, they traveled to Costa Rica for an anarchist activity, an Encuentro International Punk Encuentro, which gives us a very good sympathy with all the people from different parts of the Latin American region.
In 2017 they hacked the first tour of Mexico called "FUCK WORLD'S BORDERS", with 9 performances in the State of Mexico, Puebla and Oaxaca.
In 2018 they launched a second EP entitled "Destructive Asocial Noise" with 10 themes, and in July-August this year we hacked the second tour called "Sin Return" which comprises Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

For now they keep on creating a new theme for the first long-lasting record, so the 2018 finale integrates Noe Velasquez with the second guitar.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Liberosis band EP "Desrealización review

They are a band from Costa Rica, Central America. Destrukto Muzik recently put out 100 tapes of their EP "Desrealización".

They play Powerviolence/ Grindcore with strong influences from bands like: His Hero is Gone, Despised You,Los Crudos, Napalm Death, Desobediencia Civil, Assuck, Infest and Crossed Out.The album is, like the self-titled, a pure jump into grindcore. Start to finish, it’s a punkier approach. Upon my first listens, I was very pleased and knew this was going to be another solid effort. I couldn't help but get over how hard hitting it was. This alone was easily enough for me to dig. Almost immediately I was happy to hear an improvement in the sound of the band. The vocals have took a drastic change in listenability. On previous works the vocals are sometimes unbearable, with the singer wailing to an annoying degree. With this no longer present I find the band in general to be more accessible.Absolutely face melting. The riffs are crushing, the drumming is maniacal, and the vocals are some of the crazies.
Check it out. 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Amenazas band

Amenazas is a hardcore band from Bogota, Colombia. Our project has been going for about three years, but they know each other since some good time and until 2016 they decided to come together to make some noise, the style we have always been looking for. On the same way, they believe it was the right moment in their lives to come together and create Amenazas, because the musical and political maturity can be seen in our composition and execution of their songs, and the events they  organize. They are always looking for our lyrics and records to have a story to tell, the story of their context, the raw reality, with a day to day idiom, but, authentic.That is able to move the fibers, the emotions and conscience of people, so they can remind them of the violence they forget, and that is still still living in their world.

In their activity as a band we also work as a collective that organizes events with the purpose of supporting or socializing causes that demand our solidarity and that sadly might be consequences of the war they live in our context, from the state, patriarchy, authority and their servants.

For now they have 3 discography works: Amenazas I (flexi disc), Amenazas II (4 way split Huasipungo, Sinnacion & Pesticidass), and Amenazas III (Split with victimas), you can find them here:

We also have a Facebook page:

And some video footage:

Monday, August 19, 2019

Ladrona band

LADRONA is hardcore punk/D-beat  band who integrate individualities with artistic concerns
subversive and transgressive. where their interests have been reflected in the contradictions of the system, its moral values, religious values, and private property in a representative Central American and authoritarian context, and the re-meaning and recovery of a life. the catharsis of our sadness, anguish, and the hatred of living in a capitalist system that runs through us the most close to our bodies, where youth have no more options than surviving their jobs, precarious employment, and an eternal uncertainty. the same marginalization in what they see ourselves sometime.

Also check out their facebook page and bandcamp profile:

Hatevömit band

Hatevomit is founded by Damnare and Unholy Nuklear Terrorist in the end of first decade of new dark millenia. In the begining, Damnare was in charge of drums and vocals but later he gave up playing drums because of health issues. Damnare keeps blasphemy on vocals and Unholy Nuklear Terrorist is in charge of noise of all strings. Hatevomit first released a demo cassette, and later split albums (w/ Impaler of Pest, Ectoplasma, Satan's Propaganda etc).Their first EP released as CD by Underground Resistance / Symbol of Domination Prods with former drummer Revolt (Vomitile). H.A (Zombieslut, War Agenda) joined the legion of Hatevomit as a new drummer. Hatevomit plays relentless old school black/death metal,and band calls it 'Vomit Metal' in the following of true cult death black metal chaos. After split release, Hatevomit plans about a release of a new EP just before 2020. VOMIT METAL!!!

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Shock Rock by Džumbus gig review

Tuzla has always been recognized by good music scene. This Saturday, 10.08.2019, the Tuzla Live Association and the Đžumbus Festival organized new treats for all fans of the rock, metal, hardcore genre. The Shock Rock event of this festival featured two Tuzla"s bands Aether and Ending a Clutter, and the Mostar"s band Jufkamental, which they played in front of a Tuzla audience for the first time.

photos by all for one and one for all team

AETHER is a Tuzla underground band formed in November 2018 by Adis Hukić and Kenan Konjić. They play rock & metal alternatives and try to succeed in the music , but at the same time stay unique and give a personal contribution to the BH music scene.
This band is so young that this is their first public gig and they do not yet have FB pages or INST profiles;). Shock Rock by đžumbus introduced themselves with a couple of author tracks and several covers.
After some changes in the composition of the band members are:

-Vocals: Adis Hukic
-Bass guitar Kenan Konjic
Guitar Rhythm: Nedim Prananica
-Lead Guitar: Tomic Vedran
- Drum, back vocals: Likić Ahmed

photos by all for one and one for all team

Ending a Clutter is a music band from Tuzla which has been active since 2016. whose conceptual purpose is to represent emotions and topics that are otherwise silent, all through storytelling and songwriting. The composition is expressed through a mix of genres and styles that at that moment can bring out and present what they want to say with that song. The band wants to create something different and promises not to rush to it until it is, as they say, "something".

photos by all for one and one for all team

Jufkamental is a band formed at the premises of the Rock School Mostar, in February 2016. Hamza Badžak (guitar / vocals) and Dino Štrkljević (drums) meet and begin working on the author's material a month after which they are joined by Alan Jusufbegović (bass guitar). They play a mix of punk, grunge and most of the sub-genres of alternative music. In December, Rijad Šuta starts playing drums in the band.

The band has already performed at numerous festivals and concerts in BH and the region, from the well-known EXIT festival onwards. They are currently finishing material for their first album and are expecting to record the same. Appearance on Shock Rock by Đžumbus will be their first appearance in Tuzla which means that they have made every effort to gain as many new fans as possible!

What would a Đžumbus Festival be without guitar distortions, strong vocals and solid rock / metal sound? It is worth every attention! Also look at this post on treci svijet portal.i hope you like it. cheers!

Monday, July 15, 2019

POPIK band

Three guys who play sloppily fast or slow, depending on their mood. Music is transmitted through punk, metal, hardcore and rock'n'roll, all old schools, but we are a punk band.
POPIK is actually a supergroup founded four years ago. Mirso  is on guitar, Sejo is on drums , which are worth mentioning KRV and Silent Kingdom, and Sharan plays bass and vocals, exposing criticisms that a miserable copy of Lemi. He also played in the Motherpig band.
Popik would not be POPK, but it is not a circus attraction, so they are very often joined by the comrades or members of the band, and some of them have already begged to play with us in order to move Sharana away from the bassist and / or vocals.
There are Emir (potential bassist), Vedo (potential vocal and guitarist) and Hare (potential bassist). Hare is our producer, and the man who is directly responsible for the abomination called "Memories for Olenu P.", the first album that you can download at

Also check out their facebook page :