Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I am a 32 latino male (Mexican) I formed my solo band a few days ago because I love being my own artist.My prime key goal is to be the best solo punk artist around and spread punk world wide!!!

Monday, April 27, 2020

THE great lie band

The third ep from THE GREAT LIE, recorded with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), embodies the band's raw intensity and aggressive precision. DEFYING EXTINCTION is the sound of five Long Island hardcore/metal veterans who reject the premise that punk is strictly a youth culture. 

"Memorable and energetic. Hardcore Punk at it’s best."

"Fast-paced heaven. . . a veritable riff-filled utopia of rage." Wicked Metal Review

"Fast-charging NYHC to earth-rumbling doom riffs to post-hardcore transitions and gear changes." Thrash Naked

“Pummeling old school hardcore meets punk straight from the roll in your ears with the force of tank treads.”

Gerry Giacalone- guitar

John LaFata -drums

Scott Martin- bass

Kerry Merkle- vocals

Mike Scarola- guitar/vocals

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Speedvomitt band

Speedvomitt is a hc punk band from Marburg/Germany formed in the summer of 2018.With songs about wars,drug abuse, alcoholism and all the violence and hate that come along, it's safe to say this band is anti-P.C and non apologetic about it. Hail Speed Snort Satan!

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Out of Control band

The band was formed at the beginning of 2015, after various changes in the post of drummer, the line-up is set up in the line-up Ketchup - vocals, Richard - guitar, Milda - bass, Ota - drums

In this line-up the band starts to perform actively and performs mainly at home, but also comes an invitation abroad, shortly after returning from Torgau drummer Ota leaves the band to pursue another project and in his place comes Luko, who after a short time play with Bands like Total Chaos, Starts, Outsiders, SSex, Deep Shining High, Defectives, No Hopes, Defused, Just War, Purgen, Conflict ...

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Friday, December 20, 2019

GIVE ´EM HELL record label interview

1. Could you tell a bit more about GIVE ´EM HELL record label ?

Hello Oli here, the one and only person behind GIVE ´EM HELL, first off all I wanna clear a little misunderstanding: GIVE ´EM HELL is the name of my mailorder / webshop, actually I have two labels called CIVILISATION RECORDS (for newer bands but a little bit inactive now) and THREAT FROM THE PAST (a label on which I re-release material from Eighties / Nineties, I´m more active there). I live in a small village in the southern part of Germany, in between Stuttgart and Munich, so I´m located in the middle of nowhere, hahahaha. I mainly release Punk, Crust, Hardcore and Grindcore but in my mailorder I distribute all kind of Underground music from Metal to Punk.

2. When did you start with GIVE EM HELL records label and are the bands satisfied with your services ?

The story goes like this: in the year 1995 I started CIVILISATION RECORDS, mainly to support my friends from GAUDY GAWKS (a local Punk band) with distribution / mailorder of their releases but shortly after that I released my first own outputs (in the beginning on tape but soon on vinyl too). In the year 2006 during a holiday in the U.S.A. (when being on tour with my friends from SECURITY THREAT, Denver Crustcore, Grind) I had the idea to start a second label on which I wanted to re-release old stuff from bands that had a big influence on my in my youth. It took me four more years to have the first release there:  the HELLBASTARD ”Heading For Internal Darkness" LP and more stuff followed sooner or later. Around 2013 / 2014 I was dissatisfied my my internet presence, I had two shitty looking webpages (CIVILISATION RECORDS and THREAT FROM THE PAST) and more and more webshop were popping up. I also wanted to have a webshop to be able to survive in these modern times but didn´t wanted to give up both labels: the end of the story is I started GIVE ´EM HELL (mailorder / webshop / distribution) and both labels became some kind of sub-business. I still do releases on both labels but they are distributed via GIVE ´EM HELL. Hahahaha complicated but true story.

I really hope the bands on my labels are happy with my service, within the years I improved my skills in all ways and networking helped me to get in contact with a lot of people doing other labels, mailorders, working in studios or doing artwork / webdesign. Saddly I´m working fulltime to earn money for living and so my time to do real good label / mailorder work is strictly limited. I try to distribute my releases worldwide and from time to time I can help with arranging shows, but i´m not a regular booker and we don´t have many venues in my area.

3. What bands can expect from you ?

Yeah at the time I mainly re-release stuff from old bands which it´s easier for me now, mostly old recordings are existing and the original artwork can be recycled. The bands of course get their royalties and I pay for needed artwork changes or possible studio time (remastering for example). I work together with the released bands and I won´t do anything without permission, the band can be creative as they want as long as it´s reasonable concerning production costs.

4. Could you give some advice to bands about the underground scene ?

At lot of bands forget that playing in a band is some kind of hard work, it´s is all about networking, playing live as often as possible and trying to find new contacts all the time. It´s not enough to sit in the rehearsal room all the time or collecting so-called friends in the internet. No-one will release your material if you´re totally unknown, unwilling to create proper sound or play live shows from time to time. The real world is outside of your home, get out and play / protest loud.

5. Could you say something at the end for the blog. All for one and one for all ?

First of all I want to finish this interview with a big thank you for getting in touch with me and sending me this nice questions.

My last words are: Support the Underground and Stay Clean !!!

Punk will never be dead when there are people that stand against the commercial and capitalist music scene.

Crust band

 Crust was built on the debris of a few local bands (Swale, G.R.I.T.H.) . Those days, six years ago, we were driven by a strong desire to create music of extreme heaviness. Our influences were Love sex machine, Primitive man and others. We first started rehearsing in the industrial area in the suburbs. It was summer time and we played outside the workshop in the factory yard. We were experimenting with a bunch of genres until we finally found our own way and sound. Time is a winged chariot and it changes shapes and essence of everything it touches.
So, after walking the path of sludge metal for several years, more and more black metal elements started to appear in our music. Moreover the line-up has also undergone some changes as our drummer left the band but somehow some way less than in a week a new one (Roman) joined us and the trio survived. So far we’ve released a couple of albums on small independent Ural labels and now in the year 2019 we‘re looking forward to release another LP titled Stoic.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Agrotóxico band

Agrotóxico is a Brazilian Hardcore band formed in the suburbs of São Paulo in 1993, influenced by the first generation of Brazilian, English, Finnish and Swedish punk.
Since then, the band has never had periods of inactivity, having toured Brazil and Europe several times, playing in the whole underground scene and in major DIY festivals such as Rebellion (UK), Obscene Extreme (Czech), Force Attack (Germany), Vive Le Punk (France), among others, being nowadays one of the most popular Brazilian bands worldwide and specially on the European continent where all of their albuns were released in countries like Germany, UK, France and distributed all over Europe by Dirty Faces (DE), Break the Silence (DE) and Pumpkin Recs (UK).
In this period Agrotóxico released 7 albums, a documentary DVD and participated in several VA records around the world.
The Agrotóxico’s lyrics talk about different social subjects, from the violence of the big cities, wars, ecology, politics, etc., always within the scene of the libertarian left wing.
The band is currently preparing songs for a new album to be released in 2020.
The current line-up of Agrotóxico is: Marcos (Guit / Vocal), Jef (Bass / Vocal), Arthur (Guit / Vocal) and Fernanda (Drums).
On the European tour 2018  and sometimes also in Brazil, Leandro from ÓdioSocial replaces Arthur on guitar.

To contact the band in Brazil:
In Europe
Social networks

Cutre band

CUTRE come into being by the result of three guys desire to play fast hardcore. This desire'll decant into a 4 songs demo, registered in 2018. It was recorded and edited in tape, holding the "D.I.Y." like the only way to make things happen. The desire never ceased, then they decided to include an extra-foreign member into the band, closing the project-and finally converting it into an established band, motivated by the eagerness of unleash their project and making it take its own rhythm. In this way, Fede (Avernal, The Killing) on guitar, Leito (Motosierra, Setiembreonce) on bass, Diente (Ulcera) on vocals and Tincho (Camiones en la casa) on drum, take on a trip that's still going on... At the beginning of this current year, 2019, they're playing, composing, and recording their first studio album, that was registered in Ochava Records (the band drummer's home studio) and mastered in "Reel to reel" by Emanero, to later edit it by themselves in tape format.What's coming, is about to be written

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Rot band

ROT was formed in 1990 by Mendigo and Marcelo, before this it was already working
in the underground, being involved with other bands and projects or doing fanzines, trading
tapes and keeping in touch with people around the world. The band has developed
themselves in the underground, however, ROT can hardly be framed within the standards of
metal or punk. In 27 years of existence - With a hiatus of 5 years old - a series of important
works: 1990-1995, 1996-1998, 1999-2002, 2003-2008, 2013 -...
1990-1995. After the recording of the first 7'E titled "Almighty God", the original drummer
and bassist has leaved the band, Marcelo da Silva and Claudinei Vieira - friends who have
always been in the rehearsals - are invited to participate, and with this formation they
recorded a cd and seven more &’EP splits with bands from around the world. In 1994, were
invited to do the first European tour our German band, Morbid Records Label. But due to a
lack of experience and internal problems within the band, they couldn’t made it. Alex Bucho
(WARHATE and BARFLY) enters the band replacing Marcelo da Silva on the bass, giving
more energy and musicality, in a short space of time, recorded the Split LP with the band
INTESTINAL DESEASE (Belgium), in which it aroused the interest of the band’s vocalist,
also holder of the Grinding Madness Label in a 1996 European Tour
Rot, 1996 – Ransgate/Inglaterra
1996 - 1998, after having settled in the style, have played in some smaller cities, the capital
of São Paulo and some others states as Paraná and Santa Catarina the band leaves for the old
world for a Mini tour, in a moment that only very few Brazilian bands had the chance to know in
practice how the local scenes worked, dates that strengthened us and encouraged our return in
1998. Accompanied by another Brazilian band - ABUSO SONORO - and with a new drummer Mané
(ex. INFERNO SONORO) were Thirty-two days and thirty gigs on European soil, mostly
accompanied by the bands: WOICZECH, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, from German, and the danish DEEPREST.
Rot 1998 - Utrecht/ Holanda
1999 – 2002. Without a drummer and no expectations to return active, the end of the year 2000, Ricardo Trassato takes on the drums, with 28 songs ready, We recorded our CD "A long Cold Stare" Recorded at the Ancients Valley's Tower Studio in June and July of 2002. In August / September of the same year, we did the tour of this last LP, considered by many to be the band's best album.
Rot – Gent/Bélgica
2003 – 2008. The band undergoes another painful process, the departure of Alex Bucho at the bass, also assuming the second voice. In common agreement, they decided to have an independent vocalist, one also known and friend of many decades Jeferson Pizone (Ex-TAPASYA),
and about four different bassists who did not get used to the rhythm of the band. With the departure of the singer and co-founder of the band, Marcelo Batista. The band recorded without his presence the Split 7 "EP with the German friends of WOJCZECH and a Split CD with the friends of Brasilia DEATH SLAM. Marcelo returns to the band, Ricardo leaves the drums and enters Rafael de Oliveira (Ex-DISPESIA). After recording more 7 "EPs, they did some gigs in Brazil, the band decided to give some time for a hiatus, with no set deadline, since the members were connected in other projects.
2013-... Mendigo and Rafael decide to do a rehearsal to rescue and create new songs without commitment, which ended in the return of the band. In addition to the return of Marcelo and Alex, they decided to call a very old friend of the scene, Marcolino Jeremias (formerly DEADMOCRACY) for the second rehearsal. Of course, the rhythm of the band was different, they did not have as much time to compose as it was in the past, with members living in differents points of São Paulo and after almost a decade without recording anything, the band came back to a studio between June and July 2015 and recorded 12 unpublished sounds that make up the ep entitled "Nowhere". This Ep definitely marks the return of the ROT as well as reaffirming the style that the band has been practicing all these years, but after some few live performances of the EP release, the band suffers significant losses in its formation, but does not discourage and returns with enough breath that remains the same to a year and to symbolize the event, they release their most recent work the Virtual Ep "worshiping their own chains" containing three songs of the good old grindcore, available for Free Download.
Rot – Centro Cultural Vergueiro – SP/Brasil

Who we are:
Mendigo : Guitarist and founder of the band
Alex Bucho: Bass - Also plays on CRUEL FACE and sometimes on SOCIAL CHAOS. He manages the label BUCHO DISCOS, which is turning 21 years old this year. Producer of underground shows. He did some tours with bands like AGATHOCLES, MOB47, ROVSVETT, INTESTINAL DISEASE, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, WOJCZECH and etc.
Felipe “Leprose” Salvatti: Vocal - Ex bands: LEPROSE, SKARNIO, STENCH OF DEATH, TERMINAL FILTH, KAOS 64, BESTHÖVEN (Traveling Member). Currently: ROT e FEAR OF THE FUTURE.



FUCK-USHIMA was formed in 2011 by Raappanoid in Tampere, Finland as kind of a therapy project, and he's the sole original member of the group. Since then, it has evolved into a full time band, with several tape releases and probably hundreds of played shows.
(Hopefully early) next year  FUCK-USHIMA is releasing a 12" split vinyl album with another great Tampere band FOSFOROS. FUCK-USHIMA is already in process of writing totally new material as well, so there might be even two releases for next year.
Line up:
Minkkine: drums
Raappanoid: bass & vocals
Simo Psalminen: guitar & vocals
Lapsi: vocals

Also check out their facebook page and bandcamp profile :

Amistad band

 Five people from Akron Ohio looking for the beauty in the world as it gets destroyed around us. Influenced by bands like His Hero is Gone, Alpinist, and Ekkaia.

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Friday, November 29, 2019

The boring band

 Here are The Boring, a 5 pieces punk-hardcore band from Colmar, eastern France. This is it from the beginnig: 2005-2007: two demos, lot of shows2008: our first EP 7 songs "The Masquerade", lot of shows and a european tour with their beloved friends Kazan 2009: they recorded 4 new songs they are on a split CDr with their friends I Am John Spartan released for their second tour in eastern Europe. 2010: their first LP called Let The Captain Sink, lot of shows, eurotpe tour with their crust but good friends Geraniüm 2011: they released a split with their old friends Escape, they played a lot of shows again and made a european tour alone, this time.2012: NEW LP CALLED "CRAVING FOR CHANGE" !!!

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